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Bonz and Other Thingz

Grades 2-5
Duration: 1 hour

Students will enjoy the hands-on activities with animal skulls, along with photographs and games, in which students learn about the natural lifestyles of Texas Panhandle animals. Students will examine the teeth of an animal to decide if it is a carnivore, herbivore, insectivore or omnivore. Students will also learn the difference in facial features that indicate if an animal is prey or predator.

In school requirements: Teachers will need to provide a table where the skulls can be displayed. Each student should be able to sit at a table or desk and have access to a pencil.

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TEKS: Science: 4.2cd, 4.3ace, 4.8abc, 4.9ab; Language Arts: 4.1abc, 4.2a (TEKS are grade comparable)

Cost: $40.00 per presentation. The maximum audience size is per presentation is 30 students. A transportation fee of .35 cents per mile will be charged outside of Amarillo and Canyon ISD. Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

To reserve a date and time for your class, call Elaina at (806) 651-2258 or email ecunningham@pphm.wtamu.edu

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