Good Things to Come Prints
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Good Things to Come Prints

PPHM Derrick Room

Now-March 2, 2021

Goods Thing To Come is an exhibition of WT art student work inspired by the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum made during the Fall of 2020. Th WT Art Program often uses the PPHM as subject matter, and sends drawing and a other classes over to draw from the collection every semester. Ten students participated in the Goods Things show, most from the WTAMU Printmaking course taught by Jon Revett. Also featured are two entries from other students, one digital art and one photograph. All the work in the show are screen-prints. The prompt for the project was to find an image or an object in the museum’s collection and expand the idea into a new presentation. In addition, the instructor added a design prompt requiring them to integrate circles in the designs, with the intention of using the circles as a connecting point for a mural the WT Mural Squad will paint in the Spring Semester on the same wall in the Derrick Room.
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