#MyMuseumCollection PPHM Staff at Home
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#MyMuseumCollection PPHM Staff at Home

Vinyl Collection with Anna
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Join some of our staff as they share their favorite pieces from their collections at home, sharing their own history. You can interact with us on Facebook or Instagram and share your own collection.

Anna Parsons from our Marketing Department shares her vinyl collection- “There’s something about being able to hold music in your hands. I’ve collected these vinyls over the years and it’s one of my favorite gifts to give. There’s something about going out to a music shop and finding an album you’ve been looking for, it’s like a treasure hunt. We all grew up listening to music our parents played every day and being able to share that experience is something I’ve always loved.”

Stephanie Price, Director of Marketing and Communications shares beautiful pieces from her teapot and saucer collection- “I love to travel, drink tea and read books. My goal is to visit 40 different countries by the time I am 40. Travel is an eye opener! It teaches you how small the world is and how people inherently want to teach you about who they are and what makes their culture special. Collecting these tea cups, teapots and drink ware reminds me of past adventures/cultural experiences and (hopefully) many more to come!”

Samantha Biffle, Programs Coordinator shares her enamel pin & vintage clothing collection- "I like to collect vintage and vintage inspired items because they feel really special. It’s like I’m getting to be part of someone else’s story or they’re getting to be part of mine. It’s also a great way to express your personal style!” "

Buster Ratliff, PPHM’s Development Officer, sharing some of his favorite books from his personal collection- “Cicero said “a room without books is like a body without a soul.” There is not a room in my apartment or any part of my office that a book is not within reach. And what better day to talk about my book collection than on World Book Day.”

Sage Kinsey, Education Asst. shares her film cameras- “My obsession with film cameras all started during a film photography class I took as an undergraduate at Oklahoma Panhandle State with Larry Wiggins. I needed a camera for the class, so my mom offered her 1966 Minolta Hi-Matic 7s camera to me, not knowing if it still worked or not. It turns out that all it needed was a battery, and it worked perfectly for the whole semester! From that point on, I began searching thrift/antique stores for more film cameras. I would buy them on trips, and they became a souvenir for all of my travels. Several of my cameras have also been gifted to me by family members and friends, and I am up to 20 film cameras in my collection at this point.”

Andrew Miller from our Exhibits Department is here to share his incredible superhero collection – “Action figures combine the seven elements of art into something approachable and I find that endlessly fascinating.”

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