People of the Plains TEKS
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People of the Plains TEKS

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Social Studies: Understand how historical figures and ordinary people shaped our history

K.2A, 1.2A, 2B, 2C, 2.4ABC, 3.1B, 3.1C

Social Studies: Identify human needs and how they are met

K.6AC,1.7A, 2.7BC, 7B

Social Studies: Examples of and uses for natural resources

K.5B, 1.6B

Social Studies: People use and modify the physical environment…

3.4B, 4.9C, 5.9A

Social Studies: Concept of goods and services, free enterprise, supply and demand


Social Studies: Specialized jobs contribute to production…


Social Studies: Technology has affected daily life…

2.17A, 17B, 3.16B, 4.20B, 5.23B, 23C

Social Studies: Identify Native American groups in Texas, their lifestyles, …

4.1D, 5.4G

Social Studies: Identify customs, celebrations, traditions…

5.22A, 22B

Social Studies: Obtain information about a topic from a variety of sources and atrifacts

K.14A, 14B, 1.17AB, 2.18A, 18B, 4.21A, 5.24A, 3.17A

Social Studies: Student understands value of jobs

K.7A, 1.10A, 1.10GB

Social Studies: Time and Chronology

1.3A, K.3B, 2.2AB, 3.3A

Science: Seasons


Science: Parts of plants and animals

K.10B, 1.10B

Science: Living organisms have basic needs…

K.9B, 2.8B, 3.10B, 4.9A, 10A, 5.9A

Science: Living organisms depend on or compete with each other for their basic needs

1.9C, 2.9C, 3.9B

Science: The Earth provides natural resources


Science: Use of natural resources

K.9B, 2.9C

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