Windmill TEKS
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Windmill TEKS

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Science: Organisms and environments (change) – Identify the use of and importance of water as a natural resource

Identify wind as a form of energy

Social Studies:
Geography – people adapt to finding of, use of and conservation of water K.5B, 1.6C, 2.7B, 2.7C, 3.4A, 3.4B, 4.9A, 4.9B, 4.9C, 5.9A, 1.6B, K.5A, 2.8A

Social Studies: Obtain information about a topic from a variety of sources and artifacts K.14B, 2.18B, 3.17A, 4.21A, 5.24A, 1.17B

Social Studies:
Interpret data by identifying cause and effect
3.17C, 4.21B, 5.24B

Social Studies Economics:

Scientific investigation and reasoning:
2.3A, 3.2A

Science, technology and society:
1.16A, K.13B, 5.23B, 4.20B, 2.17B

Force, motion and energy:
4.6A, 3.6A

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