4th Grade Lesson Plans
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4th Grade Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are available to educators for 4th grade classes to enrich a museum visit or classroom lesson. TEKS are included with each lesson plan, along with printable worksheets and activities. This page will be updated with new lesson plans as they become available, so check back often.

Focus on the American Indian
People have lived in the Texas Panhandle for the past 14,000 years. In this lesson, students will become engaged with the people of the past by learning who they were, how they met their most basic needs, and what the evidence they left behind tells us about their lives.

Focus on American Indian Art
Art is found in the things we see every day. American Indians were especially adept at making art out of everyday objects by using beadwork, weaving, and paint to decorate their possessions. This lesson plan will explore common items and how we can make those items unique expressions of art using the elements of design.

Abundant Wind Provides Water
Early Texas Panhandle people lived close to water sources such as the Canadian River and its tributaries. In order for the area to open up, the people needed the water to come to them instead of traveling to the water. In the late 1890s, the windmill became the answer. The windmill pumped newfound underground water to the surface. This lesson plan takes your students back in time when water was not taken for granted.
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