7th Grade Lesson Plans
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7th Grade Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are available to educators for 7th grade classes to enrich a museum visit or a classroom lesson. TEKS are included with each lesson plan, along with printable worksheets and activities. This page will be updated with new lesson plans as they become available, so check back often.

Red River War: Expansion & Extinction
The Red River War (1874-75) was the culmination of the years of conflict between the Texas Plains Indians, the Texans, and the U.S. Military. From this military campaign, the Indians were placed on reservations, and the Texas Panhandle was opened up to expansion. This area was one of the last in Texas to open to Anglo settlers.

Windmills in the West
Lesson plan developed and written by Claude Junior High, Claude ISD Teacher, Rebecca Yelverton.

Red River War: Growth and Expansion
Guide your students in answering difficult questions about ownership of land and how the Red River War changed the lives of the Southern Plains tribes.

Aquifers: If You Build It, They Will Come
This in-class lesson plan focuses on how Texas settlers met their basic needs through the use of the windmill to draw water from different aquifers around the state. The lesson plan includes maps, student worksheets, and helpful links about the evolution of the windmill.

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