Micah Hanbury
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Micah Hanbury

Exhibits Specialist

Micah grew up in Dalhart Texas, where he spent most of his time outside working with cattle, hunting, hiking and fishing. In 2006, Micah moved to Canyon to attend West Texas A&M University where he received a degree in sports and exercise sciences. He has worked at PPHM as a student worker during his time at WT and when a staff positioned opened as an Exhibit Specialist, he "jumped on it." Micah is a competitive power lifter with an organization called NASA sports and will offer training tips to anyone would would like them. Micah can even bench press twice his body weight! (We ask him to do all of our heavy lifting around PPHM!) He loves all reptiles and keeps several of them as pets including tortoises, snakes, and other indigenous reptiles from around the area. Micah said, "Florida would be the ideal place for me because I am a big alligator wrestler."

Contact Micah at (806) 651-2253 or via email.
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