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Nothing brings to mind the Old West like the image of a cowboy firing a six-shooter or rifle. And like many clichés, it’s based in fact: firearms were integral to the history and settlement of the West, and the Panhandle frontier is no exception. Our firearms collection recognizes this with more than 1,000 pieces going back as far as the Spanish explorers of the 15th century.

Grouped according to brands, it’s hard to beat our collection of Springfields, Sharps, Colt pistols and rifles, and Winchester repeating rifles—including a Winchester Model 1873 owned by legendary Comanche leader Quanah Parker. Other favorites on display include Charles Goodnight’s plains rifle and a shotgun presented to George Whittington (for whom the National Rifle Association’s Whittington Center is named).

Imagine the stories behind guns from the Battle of Adobe Walls or the Red River War. Learn also about the use of guns in wartime, with cases devoted to the weapons of the Civil War, World War I, and World War II from every side. Target our extensive firearm collection when you visit the museum. You won’t be disappointed.

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