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Upcoming Exhibitions

The museum always has something new to see when you come. From art to artifacts, we strive to showcase the history of the Panhandle-Plains. Discover what's on its way to the PPHM galleries.

A Gift of the Clay: The Legacy of Pueblo Indian Pottery
June 25, 2020 – Saturday January 2, 2021

View 1,500 years of pottery creation in the Southwest through pottery created by direct ancestors of the Pueblo Indians, as well as vessels that exemplify the traditional styles that emerged at various pueblos in the nineteenth century. Also featured in the exhibition are extraordinary examples created by well-known potters such as Nampeyo (Hopi), Maria Martinez (San Ildefonso), Lucy Lewis (Acoma), and Margaret Tafoya (Santa Clara) in addition to contemporary innovators such as Virgil Ortiz (Cochiti), Jody Naranjo Smith (Santa Clara) and Lonnie Vigil

Amarillo Flights: Aerial Views of Llano Estacado Country

August 7, 2020 – December, 2020

30 stunning full-color aerial photographs of the Llano Estacado taken by pilot and photographer Paul Chaplo of Dallas, Texas.The photos are both detailed documents as well as exquisite works of art as Chaplo captures the austere beauty and rhythm of the landscape that can only be seen from an aerial perspective.

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