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Upcoming Exhibitions

The museum always has something new to see when you come. From art to artifacts, we strive to showcase the history of the Panhandle-Plains. Discover what's on its way to the PPHM galleries.

Paradox in a POW Camp
The Souvenirs of unlikely friendship.
Opening January 15, 2022
Alexander Gallery

In March of 1943, while war raged in Europe, 20 year old Ann Cockrell began work at the recently completed prisoner-of-war camp southeast of Hereford, Texas. Serving as the secretary to the military commander of the camp hospital, the young Hereford resident worked for three years with doctors and military officials, documenting activities within the camp, while getting to know many of the Italian prisoners held there. She could have simply ignored the men or even chosen to hate them due to the war. Instead, Ann and the men built lasting friendships through art, writing and interactions. The memories and mementos of the Hereford camp stayed with Ann Cockrell Osburn the remainder of her life, and here provide a window into a unique chapter in Panhandle history.
Objects of Enchantment & Fairytales Maker's Space
PPHM First Floor Temporary Galleries
May 7,2022- April 2023
The exhibition, Objects of Enchantment, will feature items from our permanent collection, with a focus on children and families by showing them items from their favorite fairy tales and how they were used in real life. We will offer a full year of engaging programming that will excite all ages from May 2022- April 2023 around this topic.
Quinceañera Traditions
June 4, 2022 – Jan/Feb 2023

Rich with historic and symbolic meaning, the pageantry of the quinceañera marks a fifteen year old’s journey from girl to woman. As a rite of passage, it is a celebration of food, family, and faith that encompasses both the old and the new.
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