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The Panhandle Petroleum Story

The Panhandle Petroleum Story permanent exhibit includes a “striking” sculptured entrance off the Derrick Room balcony accompanied by the PPHM “Drop in the Barrel” donor wall which honors those who contributed to the fundraising for the 1.6 million dollar renovation.

As guests traverse the exhibit, they will see a timeline of significant events in the Panhandle’s petroleum history in a broader historical perspective. Throughout the exhibit, visitors will find real life portrayals of past oil field workers, along with contemporary career opportunities in the petroleum industry. Visitors can learn the stories of “The Men Who” and “Booming Borger”. Exploration techniques and technologies from the early 20th century to the early 21st century will be presented along with several interactive exhibits that allow visitors to experience for themselves the risks and rewards involved with exploring for oil. Two exhibit mascots and a variety of interactive components will engage visitors of all ages.

Other additions will address modern petroleum industry innovations and the mix of energies that will supplement, but not replace, petroleum in meeting our future energy needs. A Learning Center will provide space for delving deeper into some of the topics presented in the exhibit, as well as small group presentations.

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