Fine Arts
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Fine Arts

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Art: Observation and Perception – Gather information using senses

K.1A, 1.1A, 2.1A, 3.1C, 4.1C, 5.1C

Art Compare artworks from different periods

K.3A, 1.3A, 2.3A, 3.3A, 4.3A, 5.3A, 1.3B

Art: Compare artworks from different cultures

K.3B, 1.3C, 2.3B, 3.3B, 4.3B, 5.3B

Art: Analyze works of art

K.4B, 1.4B, 2.4B, 3.4B, 4.4B, 5.4B, 3.4A, 4.4A, 5.4A

Art: Creative expression

K.2B, 1.2B, 2.2B, 3.2B, 4.2B, 5.2B

Social Studies: Identify artists and significant examples of art from various times in history

2.15A, 3.15B, 5.21A

Social Studies: Works of art reflect the time and culture in which they were created

2.15B, 3.15A, 5.21B

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