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Social Studies: Technology in transportation changes how we live and meet our needs, over time and in the present.

K.13B, K.14A, K.14B, 1.16AB, 2.17A, 4.12B, 4.20B, 5.23C

Social Studies: Time and chronology

K.3B, 1.3A, 2.2A, 2.2B, 3.3A

Social Studies: Obtain information about a topic from a variety of sources and artifacts.

K.14B, 1.17B, 2.18B, 3.17A, 4.21A, 5.24A

Science: Properties of objects and their parts.

K.5A, 1.6D, 4.5A, 1.5A

Science: Sort objects by parts.

K.6A, 1.6A, 1.6D


2.8A, 3.4D, 4.9AB

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