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Quanah Parker: Adapting in a World of Change

Quanah Parker: Adapting in a World of Change

Grades 3-7

This is a story of human adaptation. For over 200 years the Comanches ruled the South Plains. They were called “Lords of the Plains” living a horse and bison centered culture. After the Red River War, Texas Panhandle Indians were placed on reservations. Quanah Parker, last chief of the Comanches, was faced with making many decisions, not only for himself and his family, but also for the Comanche people. Like most decision makers, Quanah was either loved or hated by both Comanches and whites.

Would it be as difficult in the 21st century to be placed in a strange country, not knowing the language or the customs of the people who live there as it was for Quanah Parker in the 19th century? We will explore answers to this question as we explore Quanah’s life through artifacts and historic photographs.

Times and dates are available to fit any schedule. The program lasts approximately 50 minutes. Cost is $100.00 per site for up to 30 students.

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