Dinomite Dinosaurs
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Dinomite Dinosaurs

Dinomite Dinosaurs
Grades K-5

Step back in time—way, way back in time—with a virtual stroll through our paleontology exhibit. During this In the News Program we will focus on fossils unique to the Panhandle-Plains, and others you may be more familiar with.

Many people are surprised to learn that the Texas Panhandle was once a marshy area, and our exhibit features a world-class emphasis on locally discovered reptiles and amphibians from the Late Triassic era (225-200 million years ago) and mammals from the Late Cenozoic era (10-1 million years ago). Join us as we also discuss what a paleontologist does and what may have happened to the dinosaurs.

Times and dates are available to fit any schedule. The program lasts approximately 50 minutes. Cost is $100.00 per site for up to 30 students.

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Dinomite Dinosaurs
Dinomite Dinosaurs
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